80+ years delivering premium construction experience.

Decades of experience have laid out the path for a local family owned-business to become a leading international engineering and construction group, home to 9 specialised construction brands and leaving a fingerprint on skylines and building stories as we operate.

One group. A full construction
cycle. Building realities.

Dorra Contracting is one of Egypt’s largest private sector companies in the region, active in 7 countries: with an expertise accumulated over 80+ years.

Powered by our economic performance and the engagement of our 35,000 employees, we forge projects steeped in stability and fully embrace our role as a private sector partner working in the public interest.

Since our genesis in 1943, by the late Eng. Mohamed Dorra, a highly respected statesman, constituent leader and businessman, the passion and affection for the Egyptian people led to the establishment of what is today, one of Egypt’s foremost and respected Construction and Development companies. The company has maintained it’s stance for 8 decades with true value for every relationship forged and every building contracted.

Grade A

Top three contractors in the region

Our 7 branches, in conjunction with our 9 specialized construction brands operate at a grade A license.

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Members of The Dorra Family

And growing! With a focus on the future and shared ideals. We have a vision and we’re always looking for new teammates to join us.

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Client repeat business

We build cyclic relationships time and time again; To manage the most important building investments

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Training the builders and architects of tomorrow.

Dorra Academy is testament to our commitment to utilize our decades of experience in powering the coming generation.

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A myriad of projects.

A multitude of experience.

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At our core, we are dedicated builders. Construction, for us, transcends the efficient management of timelines and budgets; it represents the establishment of enduring connections with communities and clients. Our goal is to cultivate a continuous relationship, characterized by a stream of fresh opportunities and narratives. This iterative process underscores our commitment to sustained success.

Commitment, Responsibility, Collaboration.

That is the heart of the business.

Eng. Mohamed Dorra

Vice Chairman





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