Tourism & Fleet Management

Elegance as a subsidiary of Dorra Contracting in 2023, specialized in Travel logistics:

Their travel logistics are comprised of:

  1. Booking & Ticketing
  2. Lodging services
  3. Travel solutions for individual, corporate, educational and event-based travelers

In addition to Elegance’s travel solutions, it contains it’s own transportation & fleet management arm known as “Moove”

Moove’s expertise are comprised of:

  1. Transportation logistics
  2. Delivery & Courier services
  3. Construction & Engineering logistical support
  4. Public transportation rental
  5. Car rental and leasing

As well as a high-end experience curated for:

  1. Corporations & Travelers
  2. Hotels & Resorts
  3. Tour operators
  4. Event & Wedding planners
  5. Medical institutions
  6. Educational institutions

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