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Our contracting arm employs a dual Co-CEO structure, with one emphasizing the commercial aspect and the other focusing on operations. This ensures a balanced and comprehensive approach, aligning strategic business development with efficient project execution.

The division of responsibilities allows each Co-CEO to specialize, enhancing expertise in commercial and operational realms. This structure reflects our core belief in collaboration, fostering synergy between business strategy and on-the-ground construction activities. Additionally, it contributes to risk mitigation with dedicated leaders focusing on both financial and operational aspects of the construction business.

Message from our Commercial CEO

As the Commercial CEO of CRC, I am fueled by a passion for transformative construction. With a background rooted in innovation, my vision is to lead our team in crafting spaces that inspire and endure. Committed to excellence, we embark on each project with determination, ensuring that every endeavor reflects our dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Join us on this journey, where the foundation of success is built on a blend of experience, vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. All the pros of running a family business are vivid in our continuous efforts to preserve and flourish the name of Dorra.

Eng. Shehab AlSawaby

Commercial CEO

Message from our Operations CEO

As CEO of Operations at CRC Dorra, my focus is clear: making a meaningful impact. Our shared values define our identity and drive our efforts. It's my commitment to pass down a purpose that ensures growth and prosperity for future generations.

With these values shaping our operations, success follows naturally. Our talent, clients, and society will thrive under our leadership.

While our goal isn't just expansion, our unwavering commitment to operational excellence will inevitably drive growth’s Dorra’s substantial progress speaks to the success of this approach. Let's continue this path, confident it will lead us to even greater heights.

Eng. Mahmoud El Hussainy

Operations CEO

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