Engineering & Contracting

The engineering & Construction company “CRC DORRA” is the start of Dorra Contracting and the core of our operations.

CRC Dorra is a GRADE A, design-build general contractor, with 7 branches across the MENA region and operates as a general contractor – responsible for overseeing a construction project and are in charge of both the fine details and major concerns in construction projects

Established in 1943 and has always been a major contributor to national initiatives; rebuilding war affected cities in the 50s, building factories in the 60s, expanding infrastructure in 70s and 80s, and pioneering new cities from the 90s onwards.

Scope of work:

  1. Budget Estimation and Billing 
  2. Subcontractor Scheduling
  3. Permit and Inspection Requests 
  4. Materials Procurement
  5. Turkey solutions
  6. Design & Build
  7. Remodelling & Renovation services
  8. Fit out

Our Projects

Our Industries