Authority for Cities Development Presented Engineer Hassan Dorra With the Medal of Honor.

Sheikh Zayed City commemorated its 25th anniversary with a celebratory event at “Zayed Zed Park,” where Engineer Mohamed Idris, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of  Sheikh Zayed City, and the Communities Authority for Cities Development presented Engineer Hassan Dorra with the Medal of Honor. The ceremony was attended by leaders from the New Urban Communities Authority and key developers in the city.

Engineer Hassan Dorra, a trailblazer in real estate development in Sheikh Zayed City, was instrumental in obtaining the building license for the ground-breaking “Zayed 2000” project. His company has since continued to contribute iconic projects to the city, such as Mohandiseen Gardens, Green, Capital, and Al-Mustaqbal, as well as continuous construction projects for developers in the city.

Reflecting on the early days, Engineer Dorra shared that the company, part of the first generation to invest in the then-deserted city without facilities, successfully completed 400 villas in the “Zayed 2000” project. Despite initially selling only 14 villas in five years, the completion of the July 26 Corridor led to a rapid sell-out, validating his late father’s vision.

Engineer Dorra praised the current political leadership, led by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, for their significant contributions to development and urbanization. He emphasized the importance of major road and infrastructure projects as catalysts for rapid development.

Established by Republican Decree No. 325 of 1995, Sheikh Zayed City spans over 20 thousand acres, with a current population of 350 thousand people and a targeted growth to 675 thousand people following expansion into new areas.

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