Dorra Gifts a Copper Mural to the New Administrative Capital’s New Urban Communities Authority

Driven by deep civic pride, Dorra gifts NUCA a copper mural in the New Administrative Capital after completing their hand over of 950 residential units for City Edge’s “Al Maqsad”. Dorra contracting was proud to deliver the project of “largest gated community at NAC” ahead of schedule.

The artwork was conducted by A3R, specifically the talented Eng. Mohamed and Rana Zeinhom, – the mural was deliberate, carrying strong symbolism, emphasizing the company’s advocacy for quality. The incorporation of copper, a metal associated with conductivity and energy flow, symbolizes the vibrant and dynamic nature of Egypt’s past, present, and future.

The longevity and corrosion-resistant nature of copper metaphorically represents the timeless and enduring spirit of Egypt, as well as reinforcing the company’s commitment to celebrating the nation’s heritage in a visually striking and meaningful manner, as well as giving attaching undertones to the companies 80-year commitment and legacy in supporting the infrastructure, development, and expansion of Egypt.

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