Al Hussein Mosque Imitative Supported by Dorra and Inaugurated by President Abdelfattah El Sisi

The Historic mosque, constructed in 1303 AH, set in the hustle and bustle of the iconic Khan El Khalili is characterized by five rows of arches supported by marble columns. Notably, its mihrab was crafted using small colored faience pieces instead of traditional marble. Constructed in 1303 AH, the mosque features a wooden pulpit located adjacent to it.

Two doors lead to the dome, while a third door provides access to the waste chamber, which was established in 1311 AH.

The company was committed to the restructure, maintain and rejuvenate the historical, architectural and emblematic mosques across Egypt and supported the Masajid Development Foundation raise 150 million Egyptian pounds needed for renovations.

The project kicked off in mid-March. The mosque was closed and the renovations were launched based on a protocol signed in December with the Ministry of Awqaf, syndicate of Al Ashraf, the Sufi Association, and Mawadda association for the development and embellishment of the Imam Hussein Mosque. According to the protocol, the Masajid Development Foundation pledged to fund the project with 150 million Egyptian pounds.

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, accompanied by Sultan of the Bohra sect in India Mufaddal Seif Al-Din, Sisi visited the mosque and examined the renovations including the new cabin in the Imam Hussein shrine. inaugurated the Imam Hussein Mosque in central Cairo. The mosque has recovered its charm as one of the most prestigious, historic, and religious landmarks in Egypt.

The project manager briefed the president on the renovation, saying “the development works were accomplished in a record time. They took 21 days with the participation of 300 workers. The works included restoring walls, replacing damaged parts, selecting colours matching the historic columns, painting over 4,000 square meters of ceilings, changing electricity grid and improving its efficiency, equipping the mosque with a central cooling system, replacing the lightning and sound systems, expanding women’s praying space to accommodate 450 instead of 85, adding an external space that accommodates 3,000 worshipers, building a fence featuring six entrance gates and four parking gates, and adding a Qibla in the external space and a stage for Eid prayers.”

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