Dorra Contracting stands as a distinguished international engineering and construction contractor, boasting a rich history spanning eight decades. Originating as a local family-owned enterprise, the company has transformed into an international engineering and construction group, specializing in infrastructure, industrial, and high-end commercial projects across the Middle East and Africa.

With an impressive portfolio, Dorra Contracting is home to nine distinct construction brands, showcasing a breadth of expertise.

The legacy of Dorra Contracting is marked by its substantial contributions to skylines and narratives of construction projects. This established reputation underscores its prominent role in the global construction industry.


Aimed at delivering top and bottom-line shareholder value led by Consistency, Responsibility and Collaboration.


At our construction company, consistency is the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring that every project is executed with unwavering precision and quality. Responsibility is ingrained in our ethos, as we prioritize the safety of our teams, adhere to environmental standards, and uphold our commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget. Through a culture of collaboration, we harness the collective expertise of our diverse team, fostering innovation and synergy to create structures that stand as testaments to our shared dedication to excellence.

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